African Elephants


'African Elephants is my final University Graduate Project.

To create the elephants, it was a quite of a challenge for me. I learnt a lot of new skills, for example, creating my own correct alphas. It was something pretty new and complex, but every single step of this process was a huge step of improvement for me.

I mostly used Zbrush. Exported displacement and normal maps, rendered in Maya.



Dragon was made by creating a general shape in Zbrush and working with Paint Effects and curves in Maya. In the end, just added few spotlights with different colours and rendered.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

One of the Universities assignmens was to create a hort video representing 'todays Mad Hatters Tea Party'. My credit to this group assignment was this model of a Cheshire Cat. It was made using Zbrush, rendered in Maya.

Spinning Wheel


Created using Autodesk Maya. 

When I was visiting my home country - Lithuania, I saw a spinning wheel. It reminded me og how these simple things are so beautiful.


Liquid Shape

Made using Maya liquids + foam.


Using Maya nCloth + Turbulence.

Bullet going through.png
Front view.png

Snow Globe

1 (1)~2.png

Substance Painter, Maya + Maya Particle system used to create falling snow effect.


Maya Fluids Fx