African Elephants


'African Elephants is my final University Graduate Project.

To create the elephants, it was a quite of a challenge for me. I learnt a lot of new skills, for example, creating my own correct alphas. It was something pretty new and complex, but every single step of this process was a huge step of improvement for me.

I mostly used Zbrush. Exported displacement and normal maps, rendered in Maya.



Dragon was made by creating a general shape in Zbrush and working with Paint Effects and curves in Maya. In the end, just added few spotlights with different colours and rendered.

2 (1).jpg

Mad Hatters Tea Party

One of the Universities assignmens was to create a hort video representing 'todays Mad Hatters Tea Party'. My credit to this group assignment was this model of a Cheshire Cat. It was made using Zbrush, rendered in Maya.

Spinning Wheel


Created using Autodesk Maya. 

When I was visiting my home country - Lithuania, I saw a spinning wheel. It reminded me og how these simple things are so beautiful.


Liquid Shape

Made using Maya liquids + foam.


Using Maya nCloth + Turbulence.

Bullet going through.png
Front view.png

Snow Globe

1 (1)~2.png

Substance Painter, Maya + Maya Particle system used to create falling snow effect.


Maya Fluids Fx